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Fruit-Tree Planting & Growing and agro-forestry systems

The project aims to address community livelihood needs for income generation, fruits, food, medicine, wind breaks for crops and other environmental conservation measures through nature while halting and reversing the trend of the forest loss and related environmental degradation like soil erosion, in Bududa district (Elgon region) being a mountainous terrain through promoting vegetable and fruit tree growing and agro-forestry systems.

Despite their potential as a food security, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods strategy, fruit growing and agroforestry practices are currently a relatively low-key economic activity in the Elgon region.

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Art & Crafts - Crocheting, knitting and tie & dye

The season starts with the Community! Art and Craft are part of our culture. Crafts have been developed through the traditions of the people in our communities and they are a result of the feelings of the people responding to a variety of historical events and influences and the environment in a most spontaneous manner.

By doing the creation of works of beauty through the application of skills resulting from knowledge and regular practice, we empower girls and young women to explore and express their own creativity and on the other hand is taken as an occupation to support themselves in the communities through championing the true spirit of our theme Do-It-Yourself.

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Community Outreach & Engagements

We approach communities to establish outreaches and engagements a one-way to communicate to community members.

Our outreach is packaged with home visits in different villages accompanied by Village Health Teams (VHTs), Local Leaders, Local Governments amongst other straggles and options working closely with residents.

We dentify shared community concerns, interests, and goals like health, social protection & Human rights, and extending relief support to vulnerable groups to create strong health and vibrant places to live, work, learn, and plan to reflect the interests of the community to allow different perspectives to be represented equally to build accountability and trust.

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